How it Works

The Envirolok Vegetated Slope is built using a combination of soil bags, spikes and other engineered solutions for large & small projects. Native plants and seeds are added to promote deep root growth, locking the entire system into place.

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Step 1: Project Planning and Site Preparation

Projects usually require planning with one of our engineers to ensure proper installation and long term stability of the system. Permitting and licensing from the appropriate agencies is an important part of our process.

Step 2: Native Species Selection

Selecting the right native plants or seed for the project is critical to success. We work with our clients to insure the right plants are used in the right soil conditions.

The graphic below demonstrates the importance of selecting the right plants for the various soil types. Our expertise in this area is second to none, and is a large part of the long term success of our systems.

How it Works - Erosion Control USA

Collaboration is the key to success and our team is here to support project teams and property owners. From project studies, to design, engineering and product estimates, we collaborate every step of the way.

Step 3: Installation

The process starts from the bottom up with the soil bags being filled, stacked and spiked according to specifications. Each layer is carefully prepared and locked into the layer beneath it much like a traditional retaining wall.

Step 4: Planting Seeds or Starter Plants

Projects typically use native plants which begin to root immediately providing quick results and much less watering and maintenance. For large projects we use native starter plants and a native seed mix that can be hydraulically applied to the site allowing for fast application. We recommend an organic fertilizer be utilized for all plants and hydroseed mix to insure rapid growth and long term sustainability.

How it Works - Erosion Control USA
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