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Erosion Control USA is the Exclusive distributor for Envirolok.

Bryan Hall - Erosion Control USA
Managing Director of Erosion Control USA, Mexico & Panama
Bryan Hall

As Managing Director of Erosion Control USA, and Erosion Control Mexico and Panama, Bryan Hall draws upon his expertise in site planning, entitlement, and construction to help guide Erosion Control customers to successful installations. Mr. Hall brings his 40+ years’ experience in the development of shopping centers, large scale residential, and hospitality projects for major national companies to Erosion Control USA.

Since 2012, he’s applied his previous development experience to the oversight of a variety of erosion control projects for governmental agencies and private end-users who chose to exclusively utilize the patented Envirolok vegetated system, bringing them to a successful conclusion. For many reforestation projects, Hall continues to focus on a sustainable development approach that incorporates the use of renewable resources for permanent vegetated solutions. Hall is a graduate of the University of Southern California (BA).

David - Erosion Control USA
Director of Erosion Control USA, Mexico & Panama
Donald Hackstaff

Donald Hackstaff has devoted 30 years of his career to the development of large-scale land business, managing the acquisition, entitlements, development and sales of land. His work encompasses water reclamation, detention, retention, parkways, and riverways as part of a larger plan. He earned an undergraduate degree from the University of Colorado and a master’s degree from the Massachusetts' Institute of Technology. He resides in Denver Colorado which allows him easy travel access to all States as well as Mexico.

Mr. Hackstaff joined Erosion Control USA in 2014, providing sales and project oversight for several projects in Colorado, USA, including a stream diversion project and a golf course erosion control project.

Claudio Carballo - Erosion Control USA
Director of Operations of Erosion Control Mexico & Panama
Claudio Carballo

Based in Mexico City, Claudio Carballo is responsible for taking care of our customers and their erosion control projects in Mexico and Panama. He is a forester who brings his 30+ years’ experience leading development projects in Mexico and the Caribbean, which has resulted in successful mitigation of many erosion control challenges. Carballo also acts as our liaison with private and governmental agencies offering collaboration and engineering on the use of Envirolok on environmental challenges. He is a graduate of the Forest Sciences Division at the Chapingo University.

Garth - Erosion Control USA
Director of Marketing
Garth Jordan

Garth has extensive experience in project management, graphic communications, and management of digital media projects. Garth manages large and complex corporate communications projects, which provided him with direct experience with the clients’ corporate culture and business systems. Garth was educated in graphic design at the Academy of Art College in San Francisco and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree, and holds an AS Degree in Business from College of Marin. Garth served with the United States Navy from May 1985 to May 1993 and was honorably discharged. 

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