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Wetlands recovery in Tlaxcala, México

Tlaxcala is facing long-term water source degradation due to institutional neglect and public disengagement in preservation and sanitation efforts. Attention has primarily focused on the Zahuapan River's surface water contamination, but it's crucial to address the entire basin. Pollution affects not just surface waters like rivers, streams, and lagoons, but also groundwater.
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How to Stop Erosion on a Slope

After years of drought, followed by devastating wildfires and recent heavy rainstorms, the hilly areas of the Western states suffer from soil erosion. Many of the hills that remain need soil erosion stabilization.
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What Human Activities Speed Up Erosion?

Most of us know the forces of nature that cause erosion. Water, wind, and ice come to mind. Erosion is the wearing away of the Earth’s surface. It can happen slowly, over time or more rapidly, in the face of catastrophic storms.
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Mangrove Presentation

Through a collaboration agreement with Sea & Shoreline, Erosion Control USA is able to participate in strategic projects, such as: Community Development, Shoreline cleaning and sea vegetation regeneration, and mangrove areas recovery.
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What is Soil Restoration?

Degraded soil typically loses its ability to supply necessary food and habitation to other living organisms. Soil quality refers to the richness of dirt and its ability to perform its ecological functions.
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Types of Soil Erosion - Erosion Control USA

Types of Soil Erosion

Soil erosion and sedimentation is the gradual physical stripping away of the Earth’s surface over time. It is a natural process in the life cycle of soil, and a result of dynamic activity from erosive agents like wind, water, plants, animals, and humans.
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How Does the Tide Cycle Affect Erosion Along a Sea Coast - Erosion Control USA

How Does the Tide Cycle Affect Erosion Along a Sea Coast?

Waves have always pounded at the bluffs of California’s coasts, shaping the dramatic and beautiful marine landscape that so many of us call home.
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Healthy Soil Strong Trees - Erosion Control USA

Healthy Soil, Strong Trees

For decades, climate change has sparked debate but in recent years, the conversation has shifted from one of denial to one of action.
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Panama: Construction Takes Toll on Vegetation

Like Mexico, Panama also recognizes the damaging erosion that deforestation causes.
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